What are my chances of getting disability I need some help.?

Answer Recent stats show an enormous increase of ppl applying for and becoming dependent on MCD and SS-Disability. Ask yourself whether you will be better off joining the throngs wit only these two source... Read More »

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How do you let a potential employer know that you have a disability like epilepsy without jeopardizing your chances of employment?

Unless they ask you directly, you don't have to tell them. And if they do ask you, they can't choose not to hire you because of your epilepsy. After you are hired, it is probably a good idea to tel... Read More »

If you receive disability from your job and recently after 3 years received social security disability can your long term disability take your back money and decrease your monthly benefit?

No.Edited to change answer to YES!If I understand you correctly, you are receiving LTD from an Insurance Policy you had through your Employer or bought yourself. Right?And you were just approved fo... Read More »

How can I improve my chances of earning a full ride scholarship and what are my current chances of earning one?

Depending on the college that you are wanting to get into, you would want to check out all the scholarships that are offered, go to the financial aid office and ask what is available. Most colleges... Read More »

Social Security Disability application asked me if I am receiving public disability benefit and Im wondering if WEA Trust LTD is a public disability benefit?

Answer WEA Trust LTD is private, long-term disability insurance you receive through your employment through a Wisconsin school district that has a group LTD plan with WEA Trust. It is not a public ... Read More »