What are my chances of getting disability I need some help.?

Answer Recent stats show an enormous increase of ppl applying for and becoming dependent on MCD and SS-Disability. Ask yourself whether you will be better off joining the throngs wit only these two source... Read More »

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I'm thinking of getting a tattoo and need some help?

i think you should go for the evil monkey from the family guy... you know the one that hides in chris' closet.that would be cool...

I need some help getting sleep! Any good ways for a bad insomniac to get some sleep?

Ouch! I used to do that as well: skip one night of sleep just so I could sleep much better the next night. The problem is it wreaks havoc with your body and mind, as I'm sure you've noticed.I was t... Read More »

What are the chances of getting that disease after getting the vaccination?

Can a vocational rehab counselor help you get some disability insurance?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) determines disability benefits. A vocational rehab counselor can help you file your application and make a statement on your behalf, as could any social wor... Read More »