What are music keyboard patches?

Answer Keyboards can be used in two ways: as a controller of a separate piece of gear that generates sounds, and as a sound generator on its own. Patches give keyboards a range of sound options.Definition... Read More »

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What are the letters on a music keyboard?

The standard musical keyboard on a piano contains 88 keys that are each assigned one of seven letters from the English alphabet. These letters are A through G, which--including their "accidental" v... Read More »

Buying a music keyboard?

First off, let me qualify, I do not play keyboard. But recently I inherited a Yamaha PSR 9000. I was on an organizing committee and I ended up taking it my keyboard, audio mixer and microphone to... Read More »

How to Convert Keyboard Music to MIDI?

When you connect a keyboard and a computer together, a MIDI signal is transmitted between the two devices, and you can transmit a MIDI signal from your keyboard to your computer. The MIDI signal co... Read More »

How to Learn to Read Music for a Keyboard?

Keyboards have a variety of functions, but one of the most commonly used is imitating the sounds of other instruments. Learning how to read the music for a keyboard is not difficult. Knowing how to... Read More »