What are more symptoms of the HIV condition?

Answer HIV, or Human Immunodeficiency Virus, affects about 36 million people worldwide, reports the Mayo Clinic. An infectious disease, HIV is spread through sharing needles, sexual contact or receiving i... Read More »

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What is a condition that mimics heart attack symptoms?

How to Get Hair Into a More Healthy Condition?

Short or long, curly or straight, healthy hair always makes a positive fashion statement. With a huge selection of products and styling tools, caring for your hair and keeping it in tip-top shape c... Read More »

Which condition manifests the worst back pain symptoms in order of progression: herniated, extruded, ruptured?

I'm no pro, but I believe that ruptured is less pain than herniated, which in turn is less painful than extruded.

What is this condition - boy aged 5 symptoms include anhidrosis heat sensitivity and red yellow blotchy face occurs during exercise and temps above 70 much faster above 80 and direct sunlight above 70?

My daughter gets a yellow/green/greyish blotchy face when she overheats (she has anhidrosis of undetermined origin). and has done so since birth (she's in her 20s now). This was caused by exposure ... Read More »