Is the dude from twilight (Edward) really that good looking..?

Answer nah.. i actually love pale skin, what bothers me the most is all that hair in his face, those pubic hair eyebrows, and the alien eyes.. and the weird a matter of fact.. i like guys with ki... Read More »

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This is for fans of Twilight, if Edward had a twin brother what would his name be?

Robert!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA√Ę‚ā¨¬¶ Get it, Robert??? I kill me. Whatever. Okay okay...Hulio.

Which team are u on Edward, Jacob, or team anti-twilight?

Well gee, the name I go by includes "Van Helsing", so I would say that makes me RABIDLY AGAINST THAT EVIL SATANIC JOKE THAT SOME WORTHLESS ****** WHORES MIGHT CALL LITERATURE!!! I AM ANTI-TWILIGHT ... Read More »

What number is Edward from Thomas the tank engine?

No more Twilight!!! Enough already!?

Twilight is awful! The writing is atrocious, the story is filled with holes, and the characters are completely one-dimensional!Not to mention it glorifies abusive relationships, is completely sexis... Read More »