Important Facts About the Element Aluminum?

Answer Aluminum, the third most abundant element in the Earth's crust, serves as the most abundant metal found in nature, and makes up approximately 8 percent of the Earth's solid surface weight, accordin... Read More »

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Does oxygen or sulfur have more electron shells?

Sulfur has three electron shells whereas oxygen has only two. Sulfur, with 16 electrons, fills its first shell with two electrons and its second with eight electrons. It has six electrons in its th... Read More »

About the Use of Sulfur in Beauty Products?

Sulfur is a naturally occurring element used in beauty products. It's a yellow, crystalline, non-metal solid that has been a tried and true ingredient in beauty care since ancient times. It is use... Read More »

How to get rid of sulfur burps and the bacteria that makes the sulfur tasting gas come up?

Take some antacid tablets like tums drike gatorade,plenty of liquids do not eat no greasy foods at all u can make it worse by not watchin what u eat ...stay on liquid diet ull be ok after 2 days if... Read More »

What are facts about tv?

Television can be used to communicate, inform, entertain and educate people.Of course, there are some bad points.