What are modern bumpers made from?

Answer Automobile bumpers used to be made of metal and rubber. Modern cars, on the other hand, have bumpers that are made primarily from plastic, fiberglass and other less expensive composite materials.So... Read More »

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What Are Car Bumpers Made Of?

Although the makeup of car bumpers has changed over the years, this vital component of your vehicle plays an integral role in modern transportation safety. Bumpers protect the vital components on y... Read More »

What plastic are car bumpers made of?

Modern plastic car bumpers are made from thermoplastic olefins, polyesters, polycarbonates, polypropylene, polyamides and polyurethanes or blends of these plastics. Glass fibers are added with the... Read More »

What are crib bumpers made from?

Crib bumpers are often made from cotton-covered batting to make them match the bedding. This can be dangerous, however, as the baby's face can become pressed up against the bumper until he cannot b... Read More »

What Are 1974-77 Camaro Bumpers Made Of?

Chevrolet introduced the Camaro in 1967 to compete with Ford's popular Mustang. The car is now it is fifth generation. The second generation, which ran from 1970 to 1981, included several minor sty... Read More »