What kind of mirrors are security mirrors made with?

Answer Security mirrors, sometimes referred to as safety mirrors, are created using convex or domed shaped mirrors. The convex shape provides a 160-degree wide viewing angle while the domed mirror can pro... Read More »

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What are mirrors made of ?

Modern mirrors are composed mainly of glass that has a thin layer of reflective metal, usually silver or aluminum, on its back. In ancient Greece and Rome, as well as in Europe during the Middle Ag... Read More »

How are telescope mirrors made?

A telescope's mirrors, particularly its primary mirror, call for precise design and strong, nonflex materials to enable them to capture light from distant images accurately.DescriptionA telescope c... Read More »

When were mirrors made from mercury?

By the end of the Middle Ages, mirrors were made from flat plate glass with a metal backing--an amalgam of 75 percent tin and 25 percent mercury brushed onto the glass to give it a reflective surfa... Read More »

Why Are Convex Mirrors Used As Rearview Mirrors?

Anyone who has sat in the driver's or passenger's seat in a car has probably noticed the tiny wording, "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear," that runs along the bottom of the passenger-s... Read More »