What are migraines with focal neurological signs?

Answer Migraine headaches with focal neurological signs are also known as migraine with aura. Migraine with aura is one of the two major subtypes of migraine headaches, the other being migraine without au... Read More »

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What are migraines with focal neurologic signs?

Migraines with focal neurological signs are severe headaches that come with visual disturbances such as tunnel vision, sparkling lights, zig zag lines and halos.IdentificationMigraines are severe h... Read More »

Neurological Diseases in Canines?

Neurological diseases in dogs are conditions wherein the animal's brain activity is impaired or for some reason their nervous system fires incorrectly. These neurological misfires can cause a varie... Read More »

What is the structure of a neurological cell?

A neurological cell is called a neuron. It's the basic building block of the human nervous system. Neurons are found in the brain, spinal cord and throughout the body. They function as the "communi... Read More »

Neurological Effects of Scoliosis?

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