What are meter sticks used for?

Answer A meter stick is a ruler that is one meter long and usually marked in millimeters and centimeters. A meter stick is used for measuring length on objects that are longer than a regular ruler.Source:... Read More »

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What is in the solution used to clean cue sticks?

Ingredients for the best cleaning solution for cue sticks really consist of nothing more than melamine foam. Pool cues are best cleaned gently, with something that does not harm the grain or wood f... Read More »

What wood is used to make hockey sticks?

Wood to make hockey sticks must be strong and flexible. Mulberry, ironwood and yellow birch are all choices to make hockey sticks. Composite hockey sticks are more popular than wooden sticks.Source... Read More »

What is an amp meter used for?

An ampmeter is used to measure the rate or speed at which electrons flow through an electrical circuit. This unit of measure is known as an ampere, or amp for short. The rate of electron flow can t... Read More »

What is a ph meter used for?

A pH meter is a device used to measure the level of acidity in a substance. The pH meter has countless applications, from allowing gardeners to adjust the pH level of the soil for certain plants to... Read More »