What is stripping membranes?

Answer One natural way to induce a woman's labor is called stripping the membranes (or "bag of waters"), a process performed in the doctor's or midwife's office near the mother's due date.IdentificationSt... Read More »

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What is stripping of membranes?

By the end of pregnancy, most women become very uncomfortable and are willing to try just about anything to have their baby. Some health care providers will offer to strip or sweep their patient's ... Read More »

What is stripping the membranes?

Stripping the membranes is a method used to induce labor in women who have reached full-term pregnancy. Stripping the membranes (also called sweeping the membranes), is a simple, relatively harmles... Read More »

What does stripping the membranes mean?

A normal human pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks. If a baby fails to make an appearance by its due date, then the health-care provider may offer to perform a procedure known as stripping the membranes... Read More »

What Is the Purpose of Cholesterol in Plasma Membranes?

The plasma membrane surrounds all animal cells. It contains proteins, lipids and other molecules, including cholesterol.Definition of CholesterolCholesterol is a steroid lipid, a type of fat molecu... Read More »