What are meltaway cookies?

Answer They're those colourful cookies you see in IGA (or whatever) and they look like globs of icing, but have the consistency of Styrofoam. They're more commonly known as "meringue cookies". Personall... Read More »

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Cinnamon cookies Chocolate chip Cookies Or Peanut Butter Cookies Which from this list do u like better?

Chocolate Cookies Oatmeal Cookies Or Peanut Butter Cookies?

Goodnight =)I prefer peanut butter cookies.

When are they going to start calling fortune cookies, "generic aphorism cookies"?

How double or triple colored cookies are made Can someone give me eggless recipe for such cookies?

The easiest cookie to make two-colored is a pinwheel. Divide your dough in half. Add a little color to one half. Roll one half out to a large thin rectangle. Roll the other to a large thin rect... Read More »