What is the origin of the Masons?

Answer The exact origin of the Masons remains unknown, but Masonic scholars widely accept a theory that the organization developed from the stonemasons' guilds that formed during the Middle Ages. The "Reg... Read More »

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What does it take to join the Masons?

You must apply to join the Masons of your own free will; Freemasons do not recruit. Applicants should be of good moral character, be legal adults and believe in a supreme being. Applicants are inte... Read More »

Who do the Masons worship?

The Freemasons do not worship a specific deity from any established religion. Masons profess a belief in a "Supreme Being" which, for most religious members, denotes the monotheistic entity found i... Read More »

How wealthy are the Masons?

The Freemasons belong to a spiritual organization that welcomes members of all walks of life and religions. As with any open, social organization, wealth among its membership varies. No one is excl... Read More »

Do Masons believe in God?

Members of a Masonic lodge are not required to follow any set beliefs but they must believe in some sort of god or higher supreme being. Freemasons believe in God by many different names and welcom... Read More »