What are marrowfat peas?

Answer Peas that are allowed to mature before being harvested.

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OMG :: I have NO PEAS!!!?

Where did'two peas in a pod'come from?

The saying "two peas in a pod" dates back to the 16th century in Tudor London. The phrase means that two people or things are virtually identical. John Lyly first used it in his work "Euphues and H... Read More »

How to Eat Peas?

Green peas come in different sizes, small, medium and large. They each have the same color, and they all are difficult or almost impossible to eat with a fork. The easiest way to eat them, is to us... Read More »

What does"two peas in a pod"mean?

"Two peas in a pod" is a quaint gardening metaphor used in conversation and literature. Its exact origin is uncertain, and many versions have woven their way through popular culture over the ages.D... Read More »