What are marketing reps?

Answer A marketing representative, or marketing rep, is responsible for making sales for a company. In many instances, a marketing rep does more than make a simple sale. Instead she builds long-term relat... Read More »

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Whats the difference if you do 1 set of 50 reps in lets say bicep curls or 5 sets of 10 reps?

Your muscles are made up of roughly 50% fast twitch and 50% slow twitch muscle fibers. You build your slow twitch when you do high reps(like 50 reps!) and you hit your fast twitch when you do low ... Read More »

Bicep Curls: 10 kg dumbbells and 10 reps vs 15 kg dumbbells and 5 reps?

Less reps with more weight will build bigger, stronger muscles. That's why bodybuilders and powerlifters lift really heavy weight. You usually don't see them lift 10lbs a million times. It its easy... Read More »

What is a set&reps in bodybuilding?

Rep stands for repetition. Performing a specific weightlifting exercise, such as a biceps curl, a single time makes up one rep. Any number of repetitions completed in a row with no rest in between ... Read More »

What are reps&sets?

Weightlifting is a form of exercise that builds muscle and helps speed up your metabolism. As a result weightlifting, as part of an exercise program, is a great way to lose weight. "Reps" and "sets... Read More »