What are mammals with pouches called?

Answer Marsupials are mammals with pouches, and there are more than 250 species with the kangaroo being one of the most recognizable. Born prematurely, the marsupial develops in its mother's pouch. In man... Read More »

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Which era of history is called the Age of Mammals?

The Age of Mammals, or the Cenozoic, ranges from 65 million years ago up to the present day. The extinction of dinosaurs allowed for an increased mammal diversity and size as temperatures cooled gl... Read More »

Do fossas have pouches?

Fossas, found in the forests of Madagascar, are often described as the deadliest carnivores. According to the University of Michigan's Animal Diversity website, these animals appear cat-like, have ... Read More »

Why do gophers have pouches?

The animal that most people associate with the word "gopher" is the pocket gopher, so-called because of the furry pouch or "pocket" that lines his cheeks (ground squirrels are technically gophers t... Read More »

How many pouches are in a skoal can?

A can of Skoal chewing tobacco contains 20 individual pouches of tobacco. Similar to cigarette cartons, cans of Skoal tobacco can be purchased in five-can sleeves less expensively than buying the c... Read More »