How are speaker magnets made?

Answer Speakers use two types of magnets. The first magnet is a fixed, solid magnet. The second type is an electromagnet, or voice coil, that causes the speaker to move and create vibrations that result i... Read More »

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What are permanent magnets made from?

The majority of modern permanent magnets are made up of special alloys discovered through scientific investigation designed to improve magnets. Common permanent magnet combinations include strontiu... Read More »

Is an electromagnet made with bar magnets?

An electromagnet is not made out of bar magnets. An electromagnet is essentially a coil of wire wrapped around a core, usually iron, that becomes the solenoid of the electromagnet. The solenoid can... Read More »

What are neodymium magnets made of?

Neodymium magnets are a type of rare earth magnet. Composed of boron, iron and neodymium, these magnets are the strongest-known magnets. They are used mostly in industry, in applications such as co... Read More »

Are magnets made of magnetite?

Most refrigerator magnets are made from magnetized iron or other ferromagnetic materials. Magnetite is a naturally occurring mineral that is attracted to magnets, but itself is not magnetic. Its ma... Read More »