My dad had cancer in his throat.....hes clear now but after a 2nd check up they want to remove his lymph nodes?

Answer If his lymph nodes are full of cancer then he is NOT clear.It sounds like you are not fully understanding what you are told.

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What is causing swollen, painful lymph nodes under arms?

I've had that for as long as I can remember. I couldn't even be tickled as a young kid. They wanted to remove them many years ago, but I refused. I'm just careful with my pits.

What can be the possible cause of bloating, flatulence, swollen lymph nodes and night sweats?

Perhaps you have IBS or some other gastrointestinal problem? You clearly have something going on in that area of your body, and you should see a reputable gastroenterologist. Since you have posted ... Read More »

What could it be if you have swollen lymph nodes on the left side of your throat and a sore ear?

Normally yes, But I once knew a kid who either was only impaired in one eye, or was blind in one eye. he wore dark specs - one lens Black the other normal eyeglass type it was weird looking, like a... Read More »

What could be the cause of Lymph nodes constantly being enlarged in a female child aged 3?