Can root canals cause swollen lymph glands in the neck?

Answer Answer Infections caused by decayed teeth and neucrotic tissue in the tooth cause the swollen lymph glands. Internal inflammation of the surround tissue will cause facial swelling which may last 7... Read More »

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What is a likely cause be for a 6yr old w WBC 5.7 ref5.0-11.0. Gran 28.2LOW ref 46.-66.0 Gran 1.3LOW ref 2.3-7.3Kmm3 her Lymph 63.8HIGH ref 20.0-50.0 Lymph 3.7 ref 1.0-5.5kmm3?

I'd call his/her pediatrician and see if you can get a prescription for nystatin cream. They may want you to come in to verify it is yeast infection. Also, fyi that yeast infections are common in k... Read More »

How to get rid of swollen glands?

See the doctor. It could be infection, a wisdom tooth, many things. And you will probably need antibiotics.

Uses for Oil of Oregano Glands?

Oil of oregano is one of nature's own medicines. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties make oil of oregano useful to help treat a range of diverse afflict... Read More »

Cancer in the Scent Glands in a Cat?

According to, the scent glands are another term for the anal glands. Cats use the anal gland to spray and mark his territory. A cat has two pea-sized anal sacs just below and on eit... Read More »