What are little jewish hats called?

Answer The "little Jewish hat" is a yarmulke, or kippah. It's an ancient Jewish practice to cover the head during prayer. This is because in Eastern civilizations, covering one's head is a sign of respect... Read More »

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How do Jewish guys get those little hats to stay on their heads?

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What are French hats called?

The hats that are most associated with France are berets. They are small hats that fit tightly around the head and have a rounded top with a point. These French hats are unisex and are worn in the ... Read More »

What are tall military hats called?

The shakos, or shako, military hat was popular among the French and Hungarians during the 19th century, according to Merriam Webster's online dictionary. The word "shakos" is French taken from the ... Read More »

Why is jewish food called kosher?

Traditional Jews maintain a kosher diet throughout their lifetime. Kosher is more than a style of cooking; it is the detailed instruction of eating written about in Jewish law.DefinitionThe Torah, ... Read More »