What are little bumps on childrens nose and cheeks that seem worse at night?

Answer Approximately 700 or an average of 14 per state. Pediatric Surgeons can be found in Children's Hospitals or very large Community Hospitals in large cities.

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What is a red rash on babies cheeks accompanied by small red bumps?

Is she cold? It could be nothing. But an overriding concern with what little has been given is the possibility of a neurological condition. There may be another explanation, and a professional shou... Read More »

Bumps in mouth and itchy nose?

Maybe still an allergy, so what you have to do is seeing an doctor for ear, nose and throat to get help. He can tell you exactly what it is and how you can get rid of it..

How to Use Rubbing Alcohol on Red Bumps Beside a Nose Piercing?

Rubbing alcohol is often used for temporary relief of acne, although it is not recommended. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists' "Fact Sheet on Acne" states that rubbing alcohol... Read More »

Why is arthritis pain worse at night?

Arthritis is an affliction of the joints and its related muscles. While pain is a natural consequence of the disease, there are several reasons why arthritis flares up at night.TiredWhen you are go... Read More »