What are lilies?

Answer lillies are flowers... I think you already know that...heres a link if you wanted to look at one...

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The Difference Between Easter Lilies & Tiger Lilies?

Easter lilies (Lilium formosanum) and tiger lilies (Lilium tigrinum) are from the botanical family Lilaceae. Both plants are perennials grown from bulbs, have showy, long-lasting flowers and grow w... Read More »

When do day lilies bloom?

In most cases, day lilies bloom for one day from spring through summer. There are more than 35,000 registered varieties of day lilies, according to The thick, clump-forming perenn... Read More »

Are day lilies poisonous?

Day lilies are not poisonous. In around one person in fifty, they may cause digestive difficulty, especially if eaten raw. If the compounds that cause digestive distress are concentrated enough, th... Read More »

How to Plant Day Lilies?

Day Lilies are a lovely flower, easily naturalized in many locations. They are quite tolerant of most gardening "mistakes" and make a good flower for beginning gardeners to plant. Here are a few ti... Read More »