What are liens on property owner in an association?

Answer Liens cloud the title to the condominium, meaning that the property owner owes a debt based on that property which must be paid in order to clear the title. Liens are also public record and may app... Read More »

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Can a home owners association representative enter privately owned property and conduct a survey and report of said property without notification or prior consent from the owner?

Well, check the Homeowners' Association Rules and Regulations for any provision that would allow such an action. If that privilege was not reserved in the association documents, and the owner didn'... Read More »

Who is responsible for property owner association fees?

The owner of a property is responsible for paying association assessments. This is made clear in the governing documents signed at the time of purchase. More DetailThese days, however, unless the a... Read More »

Can one unit owner own a majority of a condo association property?

Read your governing documents to determine whether or not this is possible within your association. Limitations may include lenders' positions on this issue.

Is a property owner required to pay road association dues if there has been no signed agreement?

Review the documents you signed when you purchased the property to confirm that you **did not sign** any association-based documents, such as CC&Rs, a Public Offering Statement containing such, or ... Read More »