What are legal ways to get a tax free income?

Answer There are two ways of getting a tax-free income: earn your income in ways which are nontaxable under U.S. federal law, or invest your income using accounts that allow you to defer or avoid the tax... Read More »

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How to Get Free Legal Assistance for Low-Income Households?

It is no secret that legal help is expensive, and many low to moderate income workers simply cannot afford the legal advice they need. Fortunately there are free and low cost legal resources availa... Read More »

Is the federal income tax a legal law?

The federal income tax is a legal law. The United States Constitution allows a federal income tax under the 16th Amendment. The 16th Amendment passed the Congress in 1909 when republican's held a 6... Read More »

Best ways to earn residual income?

A medical transcriptionist is a good paying job. it requires that you can type good & get papers to your dr that you're working for.

Ways to Lower Income Tax Rates?

The Internal Revenue Service bases its income tax rates on the income level of the taxpayer. Income levels are separated into several brackets with different tax rates applied at each bracket. Taxp... Read More »