What are leg ulcers?

Answer Ulcers are sores that do not seem to heal. Though most commonly associated with the stomach, ulcers can appear anywhere on the body, including the legs.IdentificationLeg ulcers most often appear as... Read More »

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Ulcers on the Eye?

Ulcers typically form on the eye as a result of an infection. They form on the area of the eye known as the cornea, which is the clear tissue that covers the iris and pupil. Infective corneal ulce... Read More »

Laplace's Law and Leg Ulcers?

Every year, 500,000 to 600,000 people in the United States develop leg ulcers, according to "Leg Ulcer Management." Doctors can prescribe treatment, including compression garments that are applied ... Read More »

What are the treatments for leg ulcers?

Depending on the cause, leg ulcers may or may not cause pain. Sometimes appearing quite innocent in the beginning, what starts as a small, shallow wound can lead to life-threatening complications i... Read More »

How can you get rid of mouth ulcers?

Get The Canker Spanker! It's the only thing that has worked for me. It's a pill, so it doesn't irritate the sore, just heals it fast and prevents new breakouts. Look'em up online or call your pharm... Read More »