What are leaf miners?

Answer Leaf miner is a small white grub that lives between the skin layers of a leaf. By eating their way around they leave unsightly trails which if there are enough will weaken the plant. To get rid eit... Read More »

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Monuments for Coal Miners?

Coal mining is a hazardous and hard job. Many miners in America and around the world have perished when working in coal mines, buried underground after accidents or felled by lung problems. In town... Read More »

How to Pointlessly Irritate Miners in Eve Online?

This is kind of pointless, but very fun to do.

Who invented safety lamps for miners?

The independent work of three individuals led to the invention of safety lamps for miners. Dr. William R. Clanny invented the apparatus used to produce the flame in 1813, while Sir Humphrey Davy de... Read More »

How to Make a Lego Power Miners Vehicle?

The Lego Thunder DrillerHere is how to make a simple Lego Power Miners vehicle. This is going to be fun and easy!