What are laptop computer batteries made of?

Answer First introduced in the 1980s, laptop computers have evolved, growing lighter and more capable. Portability means battery power is critical to a laptop's usefulness. Along with other hardware advan... Read More »

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How Long Should Laptop Computer Batteries Last?

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When was the first laptop computer made?

The Osbourne 1, considered the world's first portable computer, was released in 1981. The computer has a 5-inch screen, weighs 24.5 pounds and cost $1,795 in 1981, according to the Obsolete Technol... Read More »

Who made the desktop computer that was also a laptop?

According to the technology magazine Giz Mag, the Dell XPS M2010 features a detachable keyboard and mouse that allow it to function as a desktop computer. For mobility, users can attach the periphe... Read More »

How about laptop batteries for IBM 600?

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