What are juniper berries?

Answer Juniper berries are the small, berry-like cones containing the seeds of the juniper tree. They take two to three years to mature, changing from a reddish color to bluish black. Only mildly poisonou... Read More »

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What do juniper berries smell like?

Juniper berries are the fruit-like tiny cones from the evergreen juniper shrub. The shrubs are found throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Its berries are most commonly used for juniper juice ... Read More »

What alcoholic beverage is flavored with juniper berries?

Juniper berries, when fermented, provide gin with its signature dryness. The berries are mashed in the liquor's base with other natural ingredients. During the fermenting process, juniper berries a... Read More »

Are juniper berries edible?

Are juniper berries poisonous?

Juniper berries, the fleshy cones of the tree, are traditionally used for flavoring gin and foods such as meats. They are mildly poisonous when ingested in large quantities, and may cause diarrhea ... Read More »