How big were the first face jugs?

Answer The original American face jugs were made by African slaves for use as grave markers. Slaves could be punished with death for marking graves. Early face jugs were made in sizes of less than 10 inch... Read More »

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What can you make out of milk jugs?

If throwing out plastic jugs has you feeling blue, get green with some creative alternatives. Not only will you be helping to save the environment by using milk jugs, you'll also be saving money.Do... Read More »

Crafts With Plastic Jugs?

Large plastic milk jugs can be recycled into craft projects and useful household items, from toys and models to scoops for dry foods. The flexible translucent plastic is easy to work with and lends... Read More »

Do they still make ceramic whiskey jugs?

Originally invented in the 19th Century, whiskey jugs, also known as pub jugs, were originally designed to serve water as either a mixer or chaser with hard liquor. They were often given away by di... Read More »

How to Refill Plastic Water Jugs?

When refilling plastic jugs with water, make certain you use food grade plastic jugs designed for water. All food grade jugs have a recycle logo, a triangle of arrows. The recommended type by the h... Read More »