No silly answers please, but Why do I have Itchy Palms?

Answer Okay, well, both times that you notice the itchy sensation you are restricting on the carpal tunnel. Maybe this is a predecessor to carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a painful condition of the wris... Read More »

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Hands and feet feel swollen A little itchy. And ankle area is itchy. Have rash and welts.?

Sounds like skin irritation. Those can develop anytime, even from products/substances you have always been in contact with....

My 6 year old has had several break outs of the same rash. Tiny itchy spots accompanied with itchy ears.?

I think the first thing i would do as a mother would be have them checked for strep is rampant right now and kids are breaking out with rashes from it. I would also change laundry soap,... Read More »

How to Make an Itchy Sweater Not Itchy?

On the outside, that sweater may look like the perfect thing to keep the cold weather at bay, but it may have a scratchy inside that will leave you regretting your decision. An itchy sweater can be... Read More »

Itchy itchy bumps all over?

gold bond lotion and benedryl,, take 50 mg before bedtime,, you will sleep and feel better in the morning,, promise