What is intermediate accounting?

Answer Intermediate accounting is an undergraduate level accounting course. It is taken after a basic financial accounting class and before an advanced accounting class.ClassesIntermediate accounting is u... Read More »

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What is the intermediate rank between an officer and a sergeant?

Commissioned officers and noncommissioned officers are in entirely different classes, altogether. In the US military, a Warrant Officer might be considered something of an intermediate between the ... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between an Intermediate & Senior Hockey Shaft?

One of the keys to improving your shot and stick handling skills in ice hockey is finding the correct hockey stick. Before you even consider the curve of the blade, you need to determine the correc... Read More »

What are the eight cardinal&intermediate directions of a compass rose?

The directions on a compass rose are North, East, South, West, northwest, northeast, southeast and northwest. North, South, East and West are the four cardinal directions, and the four intermediate... Read More »

What Are the Colors Obtained by Mixing Equal Parts of Two Primary Colors?

All colors are created by mixing two or more of the three primary colors, red, yellow and blue. When equal parts of all three primary colors are mixed together, a neutral color such as gray is prod... Read More »