What are inner ear particles called?

Answer Particles that are found inside the inner ear are called otoconia. They are designed to detect gravity and any back and forth movements of the body. Otoconia are attached to sensors in the ear.Sour... Read More »

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What are the charged particles in the top layer of the Earth's atmosphere called?

The Earth's atmosphere is divided into five layers. The top layer is called the exosphere, where particles are able to escape into space. Oxygen, helium and hydrogen ions are charged particles cont... Read More »

How to Run PD Particles Under Windows 7?

A PD Particles imagePD (Project DogWaffle) Particles is a fun little program that allows you to paint with various 'brushes'.  However, it has a bit of an issue with Windows 7, but don't worry! Th... Read More »

How to Have Fun Drawing Using PD Particles?

An easily made digital painting with PD ParticlesYou found this really cool program and you want to learn how to create things with it. This wiki should help you get started.

Particles That Are Smaller Than an Atom?

Atoms represent the smallest pieces of matter with constant properties, and are referred to as the basic unit of matter. However, scientists have discovered that atoms are not the smallest particle... Read More »