What are inexpensive and time-saving ways that you and your family clean your house?

Answer I have searched/googled "frugal" everything for years. And I have saved every thing I could find, and use a lot of them.(1) every 6 months I clean my clothes dryer front and back, clean the dryer... Read More »

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I am having a hard time feeding my family of 5. Is there a dish that is inexpensive that would feed them?

You can put any kind of meat in there plus potatoes. Chicken is always the cheapest. Get a pressure cooker...they cook in minutes, and it'll fall off the bone. Pasta and rice is always cheep. Do t... Read More »

How do you get your family to help you clean house?

Honey, if I were you I would get out of that place. There's something seriously wrong with guys that aren't going to notice filth and flies all over everything, or that their abode has become a bre... Read More »

Fast Cheap Ways to Clean and Organize My Small House?

Small homes do not get messier any faster than large homes do. The mess just tends to get noticed more quickly. Organizing and frequently cleaning is a great way to prevent any mess in the home and... Read More »

How to Convince Your Family to Help Clean and Maintain the House?

Can't get other family members to pitch in on household chores? Positive reinforcement and frequent communication can work toward getting a cleaner house.