What are ideal growing conditions for a norfolk island pine?

Answer Ideally, it likes a bit more humidity than what is normally in a house. Frequent misting should cure that for you though. When the top layer of soil is dry, it is time to water it, and it also like... Read More »

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What are the ideal growing conditions for Hydrangeas?

Ah ,My favorite plant.They love good organic soil - lots of compost. I lived in Atlanta with hot dry summers and had a heck of a time keeping them watered - don't know if you'll have the same probl... Read More »

How old is the Norfolk Island Pine?

The Norfolk Pine is actually a member of the genus Araucaria, which dates back to the Mesozoic Era, around 210 million years ago.

Norfolk island pine tree?

I live in Brazil and I have one outdoor. Here the problem is not a cold but a heat... They prefer a subtropical climate but grows well in the tropical climate. So, I put my Norfolk pine just in the... Read More »

Should a Norfolk Island Pine be pruned?

PRUNING:They grow upward, their trunk thickens and the pine bows increase in size. It is not recommended to cut their growing tips off. Its symmetrical shape would be destroyed. The only maintenanc... Read More »