What are hurricanes doing to the plants&animals located in wetlands?

Answer Hurricanes are extremely powerful storms, which upon striking land cause extreme damage to nearly everything in their paths. Although wetlands suffer damage from hurricanes, they also serve as a fi... Read More »

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Mothers...what do you regret not doing or doing with your 1st baby?

Oh.. there are so many :)- Not encouragin him enough to be physically active- Always ruinning to help him instead of letting him try on his own- NEVER leaving him alone with anyone for at least fir... Read More »

What Is the Average Wind Speed for Hurricanes?

The average wind speed for hurricanes was estimated at 157 miles (253 km) an hour in 2007, according to National Geographic. This is an increase in average wind speed from measurements taken in 198... Read More »

What do Tacos and hurricanes have in common?

Both can be Fast & Furious. Both can cause people to run - hurricanes cause evacuations and gas after eating a taco can make even the dog leave the room.Floods - obvious result with hurricane, aft... Read More »

What kind of scale is used to measure hurricanes?

Scientists use different two systems to rate the intensity of hurricanes: the Beaufort Scale and the Saffir-Simpson Scale. The Beaufort Scale classifies all storms based on wind speeds on a scale ... Read More »