What are house keys made of?

Answer Most house keys are made of metal, although they may be coated or painted to make them decorative. Common metals used to make house keys are brass, steel, nickel-plate and aluminum.Source:Global So... Read More »

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Is it possible to have keys re-made for the door lock, even though I don't have the keys?

yes you can take the lock off and go to a store that makes keys they can take the lock and make a new key for it they have a machine that makes them able to do this i have done this for my house an... Read More »

How to Get Car Keys Made for Lost Keys?

Losing car keys can be stressful and embarrassing. Many times people leave them behind at stores or drop them on the ground when they are walking. You can get keys made to replace lost keys. The on... Read More »

How do I Get Keys to a Car Made?

If you need another key made for your car, you can have the process taken care of at a dealership. You can also go to a key-copy place, like a large appliance store or locksmith, to have a copy mad... Read More »

What are keys made of?

Keys are usually made of brass or brass-plated nickel. Brass doesn't rust, is not magnetic--which can be a problem in certain situations--and works best in the key-cutting machines for a smooth key... Read More »