Hotdogs or hamburgers?

Answer Hot dogs are cheaper:)

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Do u like hotdogs and plz ansewer?

Yes... I had one yesterday. Red Bull is pretty good.

Aside from Eating, what are some Good Uses for Hotdogs?

Well they were very useful for 'other' things until the dildo came along....;)

Pizza or Hotdogs/Hamburgers?

While Pizza is an obviously popular choice, it can get rather expensive (unless you're willing to serve an inferior pizza pizza). Hot Dogs can be done easily without firring up the grill. Just boil... Read More »

Difference between hotdogs and bologna?

Actually bologna is the bigger version of a hotdog. They slice across the bologna to make the flat slices you are familiar with. Yes, both sausages are made from the same thing, they are made the... Read More »