What are hops kilns called?

Answer The kiln used to dry hops is known as an "oast" or "oasthouse." The word "oast" comes from the Latin word "aestus," which means to heat, according to Merriam Webster's Dictionary. Oasthouses are re... Read More »

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What are hops ovens called?

What Is the Difference Between Manual and Digital Kilns?

Kilns are crucial to a variety of crafts, including glass work and pottery. Currently, you can purchase two types of kiln: manual and digital kilns. Both types do the same job but require different... Read More »

What does cone 8 mean in electric kilns?

Cone ratings measure the maximum temperature of a kiln, running from 022 on the low end to 10 on the high end. A cone 8 electric kiln is the third-highest rating and can withstand 2,320 degrees Fah... Read More »

What are hops in beer making?

Beer commercials often mention malt, barley and hops. But these aren't exactly common plants in the average back yard. While many people have heard of malt and barley, people usually only mention h... Read More »