What are honduran coins called?

Answer The coins are called # Centavos de Lempira meaning # cents of a Lempira. For example a 5 centavos de Lempira coin is measured as 5/100 Lempiras just like the 5 cents of a dollar (nickel) is 5/100 o... Read More »

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What are Canadian coins called?

Most Canadian coins look like their American counterparts and share the same name, including penny, nickel, dime and quarter. In 1987 the Royal Canadian Mintbegan minting a one-dollar coin to rep... Read More »

What are French coins called?

The current coinage used in France is the euro, which ranges from one-cent coins to two-euro coins. There are 100 cents in one euro. The euro is the formal currency in the 12 European Union countri... Read More »

What Were Roman Coins Called?

The smallest unit of money during ancient Roman times was the sestertius, a silver coin. There were four sesteri in one silver denarius and 25 denarii in one gold aureus coin.Source:Kingsmead Hackn... Read More »

What are scottish coins called?

Scotland is part of the United Kingdom, so the country's currency is identical to that of Great Britain. People of Scotland refer to their bills as "pounds" and call their coins "pence."References:... Read More »