What are homeopathic HGH sprays made from?

Answer Homeopathy is an alternative medical treatment which aims to cure disease by diluting very small amounts of substances in water. The water molecules in homeopathic remedies are then said to carry t... Read More »

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The Best Self-Tanner Sprays?

There are many ways to achieve a tanned look without exposing your skin to dangerous UV rays and the risk of skin cancer. Sunless-tanning sprays are a safer alternative to traditional tanning and c... Read More »

Are HGH sprays good?

On One Hand: HGH Spray BenefitsWhen taken correctly, HGH sprays are safe. According to, HGH was made into a spray because when taken as a pill, it is digested too easily... Read More »

Do hgh sprays work?

On One Hand: No Sprays Approved YetHuman Growth Hormone (HGH) currently is only administered by injection. HGH is a prescription drug. Any inhalants or other forms purchased without a prescription ... Read More »

The Best Sunless Tan Sprays?

A sunless tanning spray is an alternative way to give the appearance of a sun tan without exposure to the sun or ultraviolet light from a tanning salon. According to the Mayo Clinic, sunless tan sp... Read More »