What home remedies are there for constipation?

Answer Prune juice!!!

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What are the home remedies for a toothache or gum inflammation?

Adequate brushing and flossing is required to get rid of gum diseases.Regular tooth brushing removes plaque and flossing prevents gum inflammation.Home Remedies for Toothache1. Clove oil is ofte... Read More »

What home remedies can I try for thin, dry hair?

Thin, dry hair can be the product of environmental irritants and everyday hair-care products or genetics. Try any of several natural remedies at home and avoid spending large amounts of money on sa... Read More »

What are home remedies for a high Fever?

I usually take a cold shower, but that's for the fever "down below"..hehehe..... Sounds like good advice above....but seek the advice of your doctor that is treating the infection. He or she may b... Read More »

What are some home remedies for ear infections?

pee in the ear, grand ma did that to me when i was 7. 30 years latter not 1 infection