What are home equity interest rates?

Answer A home equity line of credit allows borrowers to use their home as collateral for a line of credit. The interest rate tied to that loan determines the overall cost of the loan to the borrower.Signi... Read More »

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What Are the Average Interest Rates for Home Mortgages?

The average interest rates for home mortgages in 2009 stand at 5.57 per cent for a 30-year fixed mortgage loan and 5.07 percent for a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage, according to ... Read More »

How often do home equity rates change?

If your home equity loan has a variable interest rate it is calculated by adding an index and a margin. The lender can tell you which index will be used to calculate the rate and how often the inde... Read More »

How to Determine Home Equity Loan Rates?

Home equity is the amount of ownership that has been built up by the mortgage holder through payments and appreciation. Home equity loans are commonly used to consolidate any other debts with high ... Read More »

About Home Equity Line of Credit Rates?

A home equity line of credit, or HELOC, is a secured revolving line of credit in which the lender uses your home as collateral. Lenders charge different interest rates depending on the type of HELOC.