How do i get rid of hickups?

Answer You've got to try this to believe it. Get a glass of water and put a Kleenex over the top and hold it around the rim so it stays over the top of the glass. Now drink the water using the tissue as... Read More »

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What is the best way to stop hickups?

s-p-u-k-c-i-h. Spell it...I think your nickname is great!

How to get rid of hickups for more than five minutes ?

Most likely your phrenic nerve is irritated. Go see a chiropractor and they will be able to check and see if you need any adjustments to remove the irritation.

How do you cure the hickups?

Does anyone know if a cure for hickups that works ugh!?

Get a spoon full of sugar and some water, preferably room temperature. Toss the sugar in your mouth and rinse it down with the water. Try to get it more in your throat so less dissolves on your ton... Read More »