What are herbal red marine algae good for?

Answer Red marine algae are seaweeds native to the waters of southwestern Ireland. They are highly nutritious, containing an abundance of readily absorbable calcium, selenium, magnesium and many other tra... Read More »

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What is marine algae?

Algae is a single-celled organism that can grow in either freshwater or saltwater. Marine algae refers to algae that lives in saltwater conditions. Saltwater algae is primarily red, brown and, occa... Read More »

What is red marine algae?

A bloom of red marine algae occurs in coastal areas worldwide when conditions are right for sudden algae growth. This causes the coastal water to turn red. Some blooms are non-toxic, but a problem ... Read More »

Red Marine Algae Foods?

Algae growth in a marine aquarium is essential to the health of the fish. Most marine fish sold commercially are herbivores and feed on algae. Marine fish can benefit from both fresh and commercial... Read More »

How to Control Marine Red Slime Algae?

The red slime algae that develops in some saltwater tanks is not really algae. It is actually a form of bacteria called cyanobacteria. It thrives on the nutrients in the water, including leftover f... Read More »