What are heirloom seeds?

Answer Not everyone agrees on what an heirloom seed (variety) is. Some define an heirloom is one that has been grown for a certain number of years or since a certain year. Others define an heirloom as one... Read More »

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What are rare heirloom seeds&plants?

The term "heirloom" applied to seeds indicates that the seeds have been "open-pollinated," and have not been genetically engineered or hybrid to suit commercial interests.Genetically ModifiedGeneti... Read More »

Heirloom Sunflower Seeds?

For an open-pollinating variety of big, bright blooms, plant heirloom sunflowers in your garden. The sunflower's Latin name, helianthus, refers to the sun; this may be due to the flower's dramatic ... Read More »

How to Buy Heirloom Tomato Seeds?

Heirloom tomatoes are a type of non-pollinated type of tomato. There are several types to choose from, so look around and find what you want.

How do I choose heirloom tomato seeds?

ClimateBuy seeds appropriate to your climate. For short growing seasons in northern climates, try Stupice, Alaska, Saint Pierre, Black Krim, Manitoba, Northern Delight and Early Wonder, recommends ... Read More »