**What causes heart palpitations?

Answer Heart palpitation means sensation of heart beat.In usual we don't sense our heart beat and if it happen it is abnormal.Heart palpitations cause the sensation of rapid, fluttering or pounding heartb... Read More »

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What do heart palpitations feel like?

Heart palpitations are the physical manifestation of your heart being irregularly or skipping a beat. Some causes of heart palpitations are attributed to stress, exercise, or medication; in rare c... Read More »

Heart palpitations on and off What could this be due to?

What is the medication you are on?Do you take stimulants such as caffeine, energy drinks?If so these can be the cause of your problems. If this is a persistent problem see your doctor as soon as yo... Read More »

What are the reasons for having heart palpitations?

Anxiety, certain drugs, caffeine, alcohol, smoking, illegal drugs, hormones, various medical conditions and various heart problems. You say you don't smoke or drink do any of these other factors ap... Read More »

What causes heart palpitations and can you prevent them?

Cough to stop them; it's sort of like self-CPR. They aren't usually dangerous but are uncomfortable.