What are healthiest foods?

Answer I'm all about fruit smoothies with a little vanilla whey powder (not to much because it ruins the smoothie). I use frozen mixed berries, a banana, an orange, yogurt, and a little milk. And I take a... Read More »

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The Healthiest Foods After a Long Fast?

People abstain or fast from food for different reasons, including religious beliefs, to treat health conditions and detoxify the body. Irrespective of the intentions of the fast, if properly observ... Read More »

What is the healthiest foods to eat at a Fastfood Resturant?

What are the healthiest best foods to eat when your trying to lose weight?

A lot of times it's really good to listen to your body, so pay attention to what sounds good and try to have a variety…fruits, some vegetables, stay hydrated, and have small snacks throughout the... Read More »

Healthiest Mexican Restaurant Foods?

Dining out has become a way of life for many Americans. It's convenient to hit the drive-through or pop into your favorite restaurant for a quick dinner. One of the more common choices for dining o... Read More »