What are health hazards for not getting enough sleep?

Answer You will feel tired all day, you will be likely to lack concentration and forget stuff.

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Please provide 10 ways in which environmental health hazards can impact negatively on one's health?

Air pollution can cause:Respiratory disases (asthma, lung cancer, etc.)Water pollution:Cancer, birth defects, acid rain, & a variety of disordersExcessive trash:Risk of cutting self if stepped on s... Read More »

Health Hazards of Using Microwave Ovens?

Microwaves are a ubiquitous item in the present age, used daily in restaurants, kitchens, cafeterias, and homes. Over the years, the potential health effects associated with using a microwave oven ... Read More »

Health Hazards of Aluminum Cookware?

Manufacturers create cookware from materials such as iron, steel, aluminum and glass. Because of their frequent contact with food, such materials should not pose a risk to human health. Aluminum co... Read More »

Health Hazards of Computer Monitor Screens?

Health hazards associated with computer usage, particularly the computer monitor, have long been a concern. Proper monitor positioning, posture and ergonomics minimize damage to your body. While li... Read More »