What are headphones hardware or software?

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What is the difference between Hardware, software, systems software and firmware.?

Laurence, I can help a little, still learning a lot myself..Hardware is the actual physical components of your computer unit, the central processing unit (CPU, or in laymans terms the box) comprise... Read More »

What is hardware and software?

There are several differences between computer hardware and software. However, the fundamental difference between hardware and software is that hardware is a physical device something that you're a... Read More »

What is software and hardware in the computer ?

Search for and install-Belarc Advisor, it will tell you every thing about your computer including microsoft hotfixes! What software and hardware you have also!

What Is Computer Software & Hardware?

Computer hardware refers to the actual physical components of a computer system. Computer software, on the other hand, is the digitally encoded instructions that tell the hardware what to do. The b... Read More »