What are hammer toes?

Answer Hammer toes are a progressive deformity that occurs at the middle joint of the toe, bending it downwards so it resembles a hammer. Flexible hammer toes may be corrected with non-surgical treatments... Read More »

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How do men get hammer toes?

Hammer toes are abnormalities that appear on the PIP joint of the second, third or fourth toe. This middle joint becomes deformed by tightened ligaments and tendons that add pressure on the toe and... Read More »

Massage Techniques for Hammer Toes?

Hammer toes are a common problem that cause pain and discomfort. Massage therapy is a good way to help treat this pain and help reduce the stress associated with this condition. It should not be a ... Read More »

If you had a hammer would you hammer in the morning?

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What is a hammer toe?

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