What are hair extensions?

Answer Lol... they don't sew hair onto your scalp that's just... Wrong O.OThey sew -or- glue the extensions onto the top of your hair, close to the scalp. Sewn in ones are obviously just unpicked if you w... Read More »

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Where i can buy hair extensions & hair wigs & man toupee & eyelash & feather hair extensions ?

If you want to buy these hair things online, search in Google.There are many results, like foxylocksextensions.comI have buy some hair extensions on all o... Read More »

What Hair Cut Blends the Best With Hair Extensions?

Every pill has an imprint that can be entered into a free online pill identifier database to tell you what it is, even if you no longer have the prescription bottle.

What Are the Dangers of Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions allow almost anyone to add length, volume and texture to their natural hair. As this trend continues to grow, so do discussions about whether extensions are bad for your hair. If yo... Read More »

What is a good brand of hair extensions?

I have the 22" from its remy hair..i have had them for a long time and they look great still of course i take good care of them. If you want longer then 22" they also hav... Read More »